Coronavirus crisis is a time of opportunity.

We know how to

make your digital business.

Our services during a pandemic.

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger, but recognize the opportunity.

John F. Kennedy

We believe that during a pandemic, business opportunities open up to rethinking business and expanding our borders.

That is why Bella for Business, together with the Data Foundation has developed a special offer for businesses. With our help, you can easily sell goods using modern digital technologies and the comprehensive promotion of your brand on the network. Call now and get an exclusive offer from Bella Agency based on an analysis of your business, location and competitors.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The easiest way to open

a great online store.

We have provided all the necessary tools so that you can launch online sales: an unlimited number of products, a collection of photos, PayPal payment, credit cards and offline, SEO tools, product catalog, integration, email marketing, premium support, BHQ personal account and much more.

Data storage

Bella Websites

Other Websites




Bella Websites

Other Websites



Bella Websites

Other Websites





We have created a new visual identification of online business, which focuses on product and manufacturing, not price.

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Conquer the top of Google!

We create for you a clear action plan to bring the site to the top 3 search engines, test the usability of the site, optimize for any device and develop the semantic core of your site in the shortest possible time.

We help companies achieve their goals.

We spend 89% more time on promoting your advertising compared to other PPC agencies. With an average of 84% increase in target audience through PPC. This level of account attention leads to high-performing campaigns that will help you reach your goals by attracting potential customers. 


The leader in UX/UI design.

With our team of professionals, you can turn any idea into reality. 

Using our professionally designs of website, online store, or portfolio

you are guarantee to stand out online.


We create professionally designed social content.

We create awesome, professional looking social content.

Thousands of designer filters, fonts and graphics.

Personal collection of thematic photos.

You choose where your brand will be promoted - Social networks for every taste.

Bella Premium integrates with all the leading social platforms, so your customers can keep abreast of the latest news from your site and even buy your products directly from Instagram.

Search Engine Reputation Management

According to marketers, most people are looking for reviews before making a purchase. Often a positive review is the final factor in deciding whether to buy or not? And up to 50% of them change their minds if most of the reviews are negative. We help to clear the reputation of your company from negative reviews.



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Simple plans. Simple prices.

Only pay for what you really need.

Bella Premium plans are paid monthly or yearly. Simple plans. Simple prices. Only pay for what you really need. All plans come with Bella Support and access to the BHQ service. Change or cancel your plan at any time.


starting price for Bella Premium.


taxes and additional fees


more economical than staff

Control the work on the image without leaving your home.

Our customers can track the entire process online. Control the process of developing the image of your company completely remotely, whether it be a single task or a series of works. An online repository of all materials, which also helps to centralize and share information and documents. 




A lot can be in

one website.

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Agency App connection Logos (16).png
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More integrations and apps in our premium Bella plans.

Functionality boosts

across the board.

Faster and more powerful than the competition, Bella created a websites by all the rules of web design. A variety of types of galleries will serve as an optimal demonstration of your products and services. Information about each product can be presented on a separate page. And if you plan to expand to another countries, then optimization and the possibility of multilingual will help you with this.

Transparent trade
Ease of payment
Promotions & Sales
Taxes & Shipping
Mobile optimization

Offer coupons and special discounts so that customers return to you again and again.

Provide various payment methods, including card payments, PayPal and offline payments.

Manage orders and monitor the availability of goods without unnecessary trouble.

Set differentiated taxes and shipping rules for any region.

Be acessible to your customers, wherever they are. Bella optimizes your website for tablets and smartphones.



And all of this is free with Bella Premium

Bella & Bella Support without restrictions

and access to the BHQ service

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