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Improve the site and expand the audience of your parishioners.

Church Pew

Minimalism in every detail.

Allow people to focus on the important and find what they really need on the site. A convenient interface will help everyone, regardless of age and preference.


Make the process easier.

Do not be intrusive in collecting donations. Now you can completely refuse to collect donations using baskets. Let people send money directly from the site in a way convenient for them. And most importantly, now people will be able to choose for themselves what their money will go for, whether it is restructuring the church or helping patients for coronavirus.


Online library.

Now, the new members of your church will not be uncomfortable in the church. Transfer all important information to the online environment. Let people open the necessary psalms or songs if they don’t know them yet.

Help for the disabled. Many church members are unable to attend Sunday service. Now this is not a problem, because users can watch the service directly from the site using live broadcasts.

Expand your audience.

Only 1 out of 10 church members has an age range of 20 to 25. The future is for digital technology. A new site with extensive functionality will attract your church to new, young community members.

Kids in Church

Show off special features

and events for the youngest

members of your church.

Kids Service.

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