Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bella?

Bella provides comprehensive solutions to create the digital environment of the company, their employees, customers and investors. We provide our services in three areas: for business, for science and for government (only EU countries).

What is Bella Premium?

Bella provides its services on the subscription business model. Subscription plans are collectively called Bella Premium and are divided into the following levels: Basic, Standard and Pro. With the purchase of a subscription, the client receives a comprehensive service for creating the company's image on the network with various capabilities, depending on the chosen plan. The client only manages the process, all the work on creating and promoting the client’s digital business is provided by Bella’s staff.

What services are included in Bella Premium?

The list of services for each Bella Premium plan is on the Plans page. A broader description of the individual services is provided on the Features page. Bella is also constantly working to improve and complement its services and products. More information on the latest updates is provided in the News & Announcements. For each new announcement, we also provide information about which Bella Premium plan includes this service.

What is a BHQ account?

We work completely in a digital environment, without offices and paper documentation. The uninterrupted operation of our service is ensured by a personal user account called BHQ. BHQ is provided to each Bella Premium subscriber. In BHQ, a client can see what work is currently underway on his company, view his financial transactions (such as recent and upcoming payments), upload digital contracts and agreements, contact support, and much more. In the Pro plan, you get an iPad with a built-in BHQ.

What are the benefits of Premium plans?

1. Subscription:

Subscription is an evolutionary solution in a world where social interactions play a primary role. This business model is used for the first time as a solution for a digital agency. Learn more about Our vision.

2. Price:

With Bella Premium plans, you save money for your company on a number of additional company staff (UX/UI designer, CEO specialist, Web developer, SMM specialist, etc.) or the purchase of services in digital agencies.

More details about the Price comparison.

3. Location:

We work completely remotely, so we are always with you. We do not tie our customers to a specific location. Wherever you are - just click the Start button on your device and contact us in a convenient way for you.

4. Documentation:

We completely refused paper contracts. We provide you with a complete list of general agreements and rules (such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Legal Notices, Cookie Preferences, Copyright and much more) before you start working with Bella. You also get access to digital invoices, contracts and so on by email and in your personal account BHQ.

5. Team:

Bella is a 100% remote team. We believe that creative collaboration can happen anywhere and want our team to work where they feel most comfortable and inspired. 

Bella is a 100% company with the best developers from America, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. These developers are considered to be the world’s best specialists. According to data collected by Hackerrank specialists in this region have a rating index of 99.9, Russia ranks second on the list of the best IT specialists.

What guarantees does Bella provide?

We guarantee high attendance of your digital company and brand recognition. Unlike others, we provide our subscription services and try to do everything so that you are happy to cooperate with us and see the results of the growth of your company. For us at Bella, the customer is our number one priority.
It should be noted that due to the specifics of your products and differences in the psychology of customers, like other companies in this business profile, we cannot guarantee sales for your company.

Does Bella offer ready-made solutions?

We offer ready-made Templates by Bella for your business. Breathtaking, fluid website with maintenance and Bella Support for only $250/mo for the first month. Get started with any of our custom-made design expressions and we customize it to fit your needs, whether it's contact forms or color palettes. We have created for your business a beautiful website, and the process has never been faster.