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All the most necessary

From JavaScript to UX / UI design. Entrust the creation of your online image to our team. Permanent access to the results of the work done in real time with simple BELLA functionality.

Get secure cloud hosting for free. Own domain name will give the site a professional look and help visitors get acquainted with the projects.

Your site will look great on any device. BELLA sites are responsive and change the sizes of content and images according to the device and screen width.

BELLA allows you to easily connect to BHQ to control work remotely. With Pro, you get an iPad Pro with BHQ & BELLA Support for free.

Bella provides a huge range of technical features to make your site appear better in search results.

Continuous support for the positive reputation of your brand and the removal of negative references.

Visual identity

We form a fresh and original idea, which can later be embodied in a solid sign or other visual element.

The design provides for new standards of communication both within the company and with partners and shareholders.

Presentation products will help to make all types of communication of your company modern and open.

Fonts are integral elements of the corporate identity of any company. We will select the right fonts depending on their combination and relevance.

Your site is your face. It is very important that the site and social media companies have a modern look and content.

Logo, posters, covers, business cards, flyers, collages, brochures, etc. BELLA uses all the features of Canva to create unique brands.

Site Features

We create multilingual sites and adapt the SEO strategy for different countries to attract more foreign visitors to the site.

The disk space determines how much information (including pictures and other downloaded files) you can store on our servers.

We add any number of pages and subsections of the menu so that the site structure looks professional.

Parallax, manifestation, disclosure and increase will add depth and volume to your site.

An anchor menu will help visitors easily navigate through the anchor bookmarks placed on the site.

A multifunctional blog equipped with all the features of social networks.

When using HTTPS on sites, the data is encoded and thus better protected. A 256-bit SSL certificate makes a secure connection between the site and the user's browser.

Using BELLA, you will have access to over 20,000 professional photos and videos. Also you can always take advantage of the possibilities of BELLA Studio.

Performance (traffic) determines how many visitors can view your site at the same time.

We launch a professional online store that is easy to manage. Promote your products online with BELLA.

A dynamic page is a page whose content changes depending on the user’s request.

We present your photos and videos in one of 50 different design formats.

We create various closed pages and back office. Give them access to selected visitors and employees of your company.

Favicon - a small icon next to the site name. It will help visitors recognize and highlight your brand in open browser tabs.

Online store

Sell ​​products, services and downloads. Add an unlimited number of products.

Your online store will be optimized for viewing from mobile. Visitors can shop wherever they are.

Set up delivery rules, depending on the desired region.

Sell ​​e-books, workout plans, recipes, and more. Just provide us with a picture, an audio file, a document or a zip archive, and we will do everything for you.

Any suitable payment methods, including PayPal, bank cards, offline, etc.

It will not take you much time and effort to create a mobile application for your online store, entrust this work to us.

We promote the online store using BELLA MailMark tools.

Your files are safe. Buyers will be able to download them only after payment. Since customers will receive a link to download files by mail, you do not have to take additional steps.

Business tools

All your contacts: customers, registered users and subscribers - will be located in a single system.

Find out about page views, traffic sources and what positions your site is in the search results.

We create and send newsletters, share materials on social networks. Tell us about your news, sales, events with BELLA MailMark.

Unlimited events, selling tickets to the event online and registering participants. We send invitations and promote events on social networks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps improve your site’s position in search engines like Google or Bing.

Keep your finances under control: bill, track payments and get paid faster.

We connect the G Suite work mail. The email address with your domain will look professional and inspire customer confidence.

Set up the code for automatic

sending an email when the visitor takes the necessary action on the site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimize the name and description of the site pages by adding keywords to them that will appear in search queries.

The heading at the top of each page tells visitors what they’re talking about. With BELLA, it will be optimized for search engines.

Anchor links to internal pages will lead visitors to the necessary sections, making acquaintance with the site more dynamic. When creating hyperlinks, we select phrases that most accurately describe the contents of the destination.

BELLA adapts the site for viewing from any device and mobile search in Google, Yelp, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing. Search robots rate the usability of the site and rank high sites optimized for smartphones and tablets.

The service allows you to find out what information from your site is displayed in the search results, whether Google has access to the necessary content and other important data.

We offer a huge selection of applications for search engine optimization site. The intuitive Rabbit SEO platform will carry out the setup process, SEO Coach Analytics will allow you to track visitors, Easy SEO Blog - create keyword-rich posts.

You have full control over whether your site can be found on Google. Prominent search engines sites are called indexed. The same applies to your web pages, you decide which of them will be visible to search robots.

Our sites are built using HTML5 and AJAX technology. There are many advantages to this, for example, reading clean HTML5 code from all major search engines and social networks. This is possible through the use of Ajax solutions for platforms that do not read the native version of Ajax.

BELLA provides fully secure, multi-server cloud hosting for users around the world. We use the services of leading providers of cloud solutions and content delivery networks to ensure maximum website performance for free and premium users.

Selecting a unique domain name makes it easier to remember your Internet address. Each page of the site can have a simple and understandable URL. The addresses of the internal pages will be clean, without parameters.

We add keywords that describe the essence of your business, making it as organic as possible.

Add Alt-text to describe the photos on the site so that they also appear in the search results for the images.

A blog is a great way to improve SEO with fresh and relevant content. In addition, each post can be optimized separately, thanks to advanced settings.

Site Booster makes it easy to add your site to local business directories and services such as Google, Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing and others.

If your previous site on another platform had good SEO, but you decided to work with BELLA, you have nothing to worry about. Using a 301 redirect is very easy to redirect traffic from the old site, so that no visitors will be lost.

Many search engines require you to claim ownership of a site before it is indexed. We will solve this issue with header tags. BELLA will add them to Google, Bing, Yandex and other search engines very quickly.

We automatically create an XML map of your site. It is an index of each web page on the site, sent in the form of a robots.txt format file to the main search engines.

Schema.org is an advanced data assessment that provides search engines with detailed information about your content. BELLA online stores are integrated with Schema.org. This allows search engines to collect and display data such as product names or prices as a result of the search.


Google Analytics allows you to track information, including the number of visitors and page views, where visitors come from, how long they stay, what keywords they use to find your site, and much more.

We integrate the site’s contacts with your MailChimp account to create and send email marketing campaigns.

We advertise products from an online store with dynamic Facebook ads.

Google Tag Manager lets you manage, update, and organize tags and third-party code snippets.

Helps BELLA track and test pop-up campaigns to increase conversions.

Google Data Studio is a powerful tool that will help you create information reports and dashboards in order to make the right business decisions.

Convert more visitors with a click map, session recording and Crazy Egg A / B testing.

A marketing tool offered by Facebook that you can use to track conversions and create custom audiences for visitors who have previously visited your site.

We’ll add a global remarketing tag to the site and increase traffic with targeted advertising campaigns.

Hotjar creates heatmaps that provide a visual display of clicks and scrolling.

Privy helps increase online sales, gain more subscribers and manage traffic on the site thanks to pop-ups, banners and landing pages.

Hello Bar allows you to set strategic banners on your website to convert visitors to customers.

With VWO we optimize

conversion statistics by analyzing user actions and performing lengthy experiments.

Allows you to measure the conversion of calls on the site using the recording, tracking and analytics tools.

A tool for project management, collaboration and task setting for projects.

And all this is free with Bella Premium

Bella & Bella Support without restrictions and access to BHQ service

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