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Mebela is more than a template.

This is evolution of online sales.

The easiest way to open

a great online store.

We have provided all the necessary tools so that you can launch online sales: an unlimited number of products, a collection of photos, PayPal payment, credit cards and offline, SEO tools, product catalog, integration, email marketing, premium support, BHQ personal account and much more.

Mebela Template

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We have created a new visual identification of online furniture stores, which focuses on product and manufacturing, not price.

Fonts targeted for sale.

We have delivered Cormorant Garamond (headlines) and Gotham Thin (main texts) fonts with many features that make them convenient for sales. For example, we have increased the indentation between the characters of Gotham Thin, which as a result makes the text more legible when reading it from devices of small size. At the same time, we used Cormorant Garamond relying on the concept of "useful difficulty." It differs from others in that it is quite difficult to disassemble it. At this moment, the best memorization of information takes place.




Cormorant Garamond



Cormorant Garamond Semi Bold

Cormorant Garamond Light

Gotham Thin

More colors. Softer than ever.

A site that appeals to you and keeps you there. This is our main idea when choosing a palette and fonts. Soft dark shades perfectly harmonize with panoramic photos. Thus, you will get an even more positive impression of the visit and the desire to purchase goods.






A lot can be in one website.

More integrations and apps in our premium Bella plans.

Faster and more powerful than the competition, Mebela was created by all the laws of web design. A variety of types of galleries will serve as an optimal demonstration of furniture and interior items. Information about each product can be presented on a separate page. And if you plan to expand to the west, then optimization and the possibility of multilingual will help you with this.

Offer coupons and special discounts so that customers return to you again and again.


Functionality boosts across the board.


And all of this is free with Bella Premium

Bella & Bella Support without restrictions and access to the BHQ service

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