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We have created a new communication system for Nationwide Payment Systems (NPS), which has a new logo, website and unique design - modern, open and integrated.

Rebranding of NPS.

To date, NPS has not had a single style. Neither color gamut, fonts, nor placement rules were recorded. The NPS's official website did not meet the challenges of the 21st century and needed to be changed. This complicates communication and makes the image of the company less attractive.

Logo NPS Size.png




Comparative characteristics.

Before that, the logo was heavy and did not respond to the latest design trends. We decided to improve it, leaving the main semantic load of the previous logo: the fact that the company has a wide range of branches throughout the country and the fact that the client has great opportunities from cooperation with the NPS wherever he is.



Creating a new visual identification of NPS, we were inspired by the State of Florida, as a sunshine state. So, circles symbolize how much of all the unknown a person meets on his life path and how many opportunities are available on this path. NPS helps a person find the right opportunity at the right time.

Criteria for New Visual Identification.



The new design should move away from outdated images
and archaic aesthetics. The style must get rid of specific objects to become modern and universal.



The new style should be easy to adapt to any context. It should be used to design social networks, websites, official documents and advertising campaigns.



The style should be appropriate for a wide range of people.

We have created an affordable visual identity for both your customers and your partners.

NPS Logo Black.png
NPS Logo.png


Using open fonts both in the logo and on the site, they are both friendly and restrained at the same time, which perfectly harmonizes with the new image of Nationwide Payment Systems Inc.




Cormorant Garamond



Helvetica Neue Cyr

SF UI Display

SF UI Text


External and Internal Communications.

The design envisages new standards of communication both within the company and with partners and shareholders.

Doc NPS.jpg

Online Resources.

We have created an online environment for the NPS, where the main thing is the product. So we decided to highlight 4 key categories of the site: About us, Features, Documentation and Sales.

Anchor menus (numbers 01, ... 04) will help users quickly find basic information about the company on the main page of the site.


Available on any device.

Your customers can view all the necessary information regardless of the device from which they accessed your website: phone, tablet or computer.


The place where sales come first.

We have created a design that is fully focused on sales. So, on each page in the footer of the site, we placed convenient methods of communication in order to capture new leads.

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