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The best solution for developers and realtors.

We are the leading online image agency. We know that with the right design you can sell a lot more. Now we have created a unique design that will help show the property in the best way and encourage the client to buy.

Bring reality to the online environment.

Show users the best real estate photos and videos. Just prepare a database of photographs, and our specialists will do everything for you. This is not a website builder where you work on a website, together with a Templates by Bella you get a team of specialists who work every day to promote and maintain your website.

How does Templates by Bella work?

1. Choose your website template
Choose from our Templates by Bella the one that perfectly suits your personal style and professional needs.

2. Choose a subscription or one-time payment
With the Premium Basic subscription you get a Template by Bella, Maintenance, Promotion (SEO), 3 Social Networks (SMM), a Professional Logo, Marketing and Tracking Tools, etc. And all this for only $100 per month.
Or purchase only the Template by Bella for just $500 (one-time payment) with Bella Store.

3. Download all info about your business
You also get a BHQ personal account in which you can send us all the necessary information to our specialists and without unnecessary delays integrate your business into a website, ready for the rapidly changing 21st century.



Additional Information

Full launch of the site 2 days after purchase.